Old “C++ Versus Objective-C” Article

August 3rd, 2009 by MarcWeintraub

In my search for some Objective-C help, I found this article. For those with C++ experience, this should help!



May 1st, 2009 by MarcWeintraub

It’s late. The dog woke me up. Now I can’t go back to sleep because I had the idea for this blog and had to run with it! I guess I’m more productive in situations like this, but we’ll truly see. :)

Today, well I guess last night, I bought a Mac Mini. Yes. I know. Hypocrite. But iPhone development seemed like something I had to do. “But wait, you don’t even have an iPhone.” I hear you say. This is true, but you don’t need one. An iPhone simulator is built into XCode, plus my girlfriend Tam has one so I can always snag hers to test. I’m sure she won’t mind.

Oh and I’m sure you’re saying, “Marc!? Writing a blog?! One that he didn’t create from scratch!?” Yeah, Yeah. I know I said I’d only write a blog in a website I’ve created. I figured if I didn’t start this blog when I started Objective-C development, I would never start it.

Got that explanation out of the way!

I hope this blog becomes a good reference not only for my own documentation and note taking, but for others who want to transition to Obj-C and iPhone development.